Waste Less, Sell More: Aligning Multi-Channel SMB Marketing With Alternative Signals

As a marketer or sales professional, you likely rely on digital ads, email outreach, and sales calls to drive SMB leads and revenue. However, despite using all three tactics, you still face the painfully familiar struggle of sifting through countless prospects to identify those truly ready to convert. Moreover, the SMB landscape poses a unique challenge – there’s limited customer data available.

Your marketing and sales teams could be exhausting hours chasing every lead, yet have little ROI to show for those efforts. It’s frustrating. You desperately want to spot high-value SMB customers tailor-made for your ads, emails, and calls.

The good news is – alternative SMB signals finally make this possible. These novel data profiles empower you to instantly pinpoint promising prospects for conversion in digital ads, email outreach, and sales calls in tandem. Doing so would turbocharge results across these key tactics.

What are Alternative SMB Signals?

In sales and marketing, you typically only see the basic contact information for business leads – a name, email, phone number, and website. However, this sparse data makes it hard to determine who your best prospects are.

Alternative SMB signals provide more in-depth insights into companies by analyzing both online breadcrumbs and offline data points. Signals like employee counts gathered from job listings or brand keywords found across reviews help paint a fuller picture.

For example, detecting that a business uses certain tech products on their site could indicate they are further along in their digital transformation journey. You can align your messaging using this data point to send a relevant message or value proposition that will better convert.

Alternative signals unlock hidden insights beyond name, industry, location, etc., to reveal actual buyer likelihood. No more guessing if that coffee shop or dentist’s office will purchase from you or not. Alternative signals are the hidden data that can truly differentiate high-potential leads from the rest.

Pretty cool, right? Read on to learn how these alternative SMB signals from Tarci can give your digital ads, email, and sales outreach efforts more return on investment.

Digital Marketing: Choosing the Right Accounts

Digital channels like Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn have become essential tools for finding new SMB customers. In fact, statistics show that over 90% of B2B marketers currently use digital tactics in their campaigns.

But here lies the catch – with endless targetable companies, how do you systematically determine which ad accounts will convert and which will waste the budget?

Alternative signals provide the missing puzzle piece. By analyzing SMB web activity, content downloads, and social media engagement, Tarci’s alternative signals can reveal propensity to take action across ad platforms.

For example, a company selling HR software for SMBs used our web ranking growth and newly incorporated  signals to create a targeted list of SMB prospects more likely to respond to Facebook ads. By marketing to companies in growth mode who are more likely to need HR software , they reduced irrelevant impressions by 83%. Overall, they saw a 6x lift in ad CTR, and CPC decreased by focusing spending on warmer leads.

3 Easy Steps to 6X Better Ad Results

The power of Tarci’s alternative data comes from slicing audiences into micro-segments indicative of purchase intent. This three-step process makes it simple to leverage for immediate value from your digital campaigns.

Step 1: Get an alternative data list

Subscribe to Tarci’s digital marketing data Module and receive a list of SMBs exhibiting active interest in your product or service. This provides an entire library of profiles on SMBs in your industry, region, revenue level, and other filters. You’ll receive a spreadsheet of business names that match your target audience and exhibit strong potential based on alternative signals analysis.

Step 2: Build a targeted ad audience

Go to the detailed targeting sections for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other platforms. Select “Upload customer file” or “Create audience from customer list.” Then, upload the Tarci-generated spreadsheet. This instantly generates an audience of relevant prospects to focus your campaigns. Use it to build a new audience for ad targeting and exclude irrelevant prospects.

Step 3: Run highly targeted ads

With your new finely-tuned audience in place, start creating promotional campaigns. Tailor your creatives, messaging, and offers specifically for this primed buyer persona. For example, showcase your digital tools if their website hints they’re tech-forward. Then, monitor your campaign performance, especially at metrics like CTR, purchase conversions, and cost savings versus broader campaigns.

Over time, optimize further based on top-performing ad variations and audience signals. The result is hyper-efficient marketing as you speak directly to SMBs ready to buy.

Email Marketing: Opening and Response Rate

While some question if email is still effective, the channel consistently proves its worth when done correctly. Email allows you to regularly engage your SMB customers in a personal, measurable way. However, many companies struggle with low open and response rates, leading to lackluster results.

This is often due to missing the mark with irrelevant content that doesn’t motivate recipients to take action. Tarci’s alternative SMB signals solve this problem by revealing qualitative insights into accounts. Things like their business goals, pain points, and motivations give you the “reason to engage” needed for a results-driven copy.

Many clients saw incredible success by combining Tarci data into their email segments. One manufacturing B2B company saw robust results. They had struggled with low response rates, averaging only 1.3% across their 100,000-contact list. After using Tarci, they gained rich profiles with insights like:

  • Companies in specific NAICS codes (e.g., 332323) with 5-50 employees exhibited 12% higher than average click rates.
  • Businesses mentioning “CNC” or “machining” on their website were 18% more likely to complete a quote form.

They segmented their list based on these high-potential attributes. Then crafted hyper-personalized emails highlighting CNC capabilities for one group while promoting metal fabrication solutions tailored to another.

This targeting boosted their overall response rate to an impressive 4.6%. It also drove qualified leads up by 200% compared to their previous untargeted campaigns. When you identify the right business to email and give them a clear call-to-action tailored to their unique characteristics, you will quickly see an increase in qualified leads and sales.

Enrich Your Emails in 3 Steps

Here are the steps to get started with Tarci’s alternative SMB signals for email marketing:

Step 1: Subscribe to the Email Marketing Data Module

Subscribe to the relevant data module, and you’ll receive a customized file of top business accounts for your ideal customer profile. It will include each company’s name, key contacts, and suggested “Reasons to Engage” based on their unique attributes.

Step 2:  Leverage the “Reason to Engage”

Let Tarci’s qualitative insights inspire the personalization in your emails. Directly reference suggested talking points to immediately grab recipients’ attention and motivate them to take action.

Step 3: Upload and Engage

Easily upload your enriched list into marketing platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce using our native integrations. Then, automate hyper-personalized emails explicitly catered to different segments for maximum response.

That’s all it takes to start seeing open, and response rates surge with Tarci’s alternative SMB data. Watch leads and conversations soar as you engage prospects ready and eager to engage with your offerings.

Sale Outreach and Productivity

While marketing introduces SMB prospects, nothing closes the deal like effective sales outreach. Your sales squad works tirelessly building pipelines. Yet despite countless calls, connection remains a struggle. Unqualified leads abound, and precious revenue opportunities slip by. How can you enable your team to convert more prospects reliably?

The starting point lies in identifying accounts genuinely ready to engage – and Tarci’s sales-optimized signals solve this very data dilemma. Our analytics spotlight companies already consuming content about your offering, visiting key sites, and more. Prime sales targets. For example, sales reps enriched with this contextual intelligence can determine the leads:

  • In thriving industries with growing spending potential
  • Undertaking digital transformations that match your solutions

Armed with these insights, reps avoid cold calling randomly or spamming prospects unlikely to engage. One enterprise SaaS company for SMBs saw a dramatic 2.3x boost in sales productivity after applying Tarci’s alternative signals to qualify incoming leads. Their reps focused calls solely on these high-propensity targets.  In turn, meetings booked rose by 46% in only two quarters. By routing only sales-ready accounts to reps, they optimized time spent on meaningful deals.

Focus Your Sales Efforts in 3 Steps

Here are the steps to optimize your sales outreach using Tarci’s SMB data:

Step 1: Subscribe to A Relevant Module

Subscribe to receive a list of priority SMB accounts tailored to your ideal customer profile. It will provide names, roles, and prediction scores so reps know who to engage first.

Step 2: Leverage the “Reason to Engage”

Equip your team with each prospect’s specific goals, pains, and motivations suggested by Tarci. This “reason to call” approach gets reps further in first interactions.

Step 3: Upload Lists into Your Platform

Easily transfer the enriched lead lists into your CRM using native integration tools. Or upload manually to populate your phone/email dialler.

Now, reps can concentrate limited time on engaged prospects primed for their messages. See 2-3x greater sales productivity and closed deals as you optimize outreach quality with Tarci’s on-point SMB profiles.

Tap Into Tarci Insights

As we’ve explored, Tarci has best-in-class alternative data and insights into the nuances of SMB decision-making. By integrating our behavioral profiles, you gain a decisive edge when it comes to:

  • Targeting the right prospects for digital marketing
  • Personalizing emails that drive higher response
  • Focusing sales resources on qualified leads

Our clients consistently see 2-6x boosts in important metrics by this targeted approach. The time is now to refine how you find and engage customers down to a granular level indicative of intent.

Tarci has helped businesses globally improve performance through actionable SMB signals. Take the first step – schedule a demo, and your marketing and sales will never be the same. With Tarci on your side, success is within reach. The insights are here; the opportunity awaits your commitment to decisive action.

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