Gain a competitive edge with industry-specific insights

Tarci’s Continuous Intelligence Engine detects industry-specific tags and trigger events so you know when small and mid-sized businesses are growing, struggling, or facing new challenges

Industries Leveraging Tarci

Payments & Merchant Services
Insurance & Benefits
Banking & Business Loans
eCommerce Solutions
Uncover SMB opportunities in your target industry at the right time.

Continuous intelligence
customized for your industry

Small and mid-sized businesses in every industry demonstrate unique sets of trigger events. 
Tarci spots them and identifies those clients for you, helping you make every contact meaningful.

Payments & Merchant Services

In the competitive Payments market, getting to opportunities first is the difference between success and failure.  

Meanwhile, aggregators are selling every lead to 5 different providers, resulting in a low conversion rate.

For an early mover advantage, get fresh, weekly lists of businesses that need a solution now. With Tarci, you can get to the customer before they start shopping around.

Insurance & Benefits

As businesses evolve, every milestone – from opening new locations and business lines to adding employees – requires a reevaluation of their insurance needs.

With Tarci, you can get to the customer well ahead of their needs. 

Get a weekly update of business profiles likely to need new or extended coverage. Don’t waste time and money qualifying the wrong prospects. Reach out knowing who, when, and why to call. 

Banking & Business Loans

Finding customers with needs and a high likelihood of approval is always challenging. 

It requires a current and detailed picture of what’s happening with each business, which can be difficult when you’re looking at prospective SMB clients.

With Tarci, you can get to your best converting customers when they’re most likely to need a loan.

eCommerce Solutions

Any company is able to build an online presence, but few are able to build sustained, profitable eCommerce businesses.

Tarci can identify opportunities for the following services: shopping carts, web development, web security, web hosting, and more.

With Tarci, you can identify companies with early, strong momentum and target them in the beginning stages of building their infrastructure.

Identify quality opportunities with precise details and timing

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Capture the SMB market

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“By being able to create more relevant lists and then adjust to the results on a weekly basis, our sales and marketing teams can focus on things that are more likely to give us a good return on investment. From that angle, Tarci really is our secret sauce.”

Sigurjón Ernir Kárason​
Product Strategy Manager​