The 3 rules leading insurance companies always use to identify high-growth, low-risk SMBs

The 3 rules leading insurance companies always use to identify high-growth, low-risk Small and mid-size businesses

With 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, the SMB space represents a tremendous market opportunity.

And every single one of those businesses needs insurance coverage!

However, the massive size of the market also means it’s highly competitive, putting further pressure on insurance companies to be the first to discover SMBs that need updating or acquiring new insurance coverage.

The 3 rules every insurance SMB sales team must know!

1. Segment the market-fit for coverage and products to clearly define the ideal customers for a specific insurance coverage;

2. Define the trigger events that are indicative of an immediate or near-future need for a specific product or coverage;

3. Get regular fresh profiles of businesses that (i)fit your search criteria, and (ii) show an identified need-trigger signaling it’s the right time to reach out with a coverage offer.

If you are not succeeding in accomplishing these tasks manually, don’t worry you are in good company! taking on the lengthy and tedious process of gathering specific data sets from multiple varied sources is in most cases near impossible.

However, with the right tool, you can now receive daily alerts on businesses in need of coverage based on your specific predefined criteria directly in your inbox.

Dynamic data does the work for you

Smart data allows you to track events that are insightful and actionable in real-time, which in turn triggers an action from your team.

Here are some examples of real-time events that are tracked by Tarci customers in the insurance industry:

Events indicating a change in company risk profile with a direct affect on coverage needs

What do these real-time events, or triggers, look like for a SMB?

Case study 1 – ALERT: Growing SMB with new management.

Contractors is a California-based artisan construction company.

They are expanding to a new state, increasing their “open positions” and have recently hired new management.

These are indications of needing new coverage for their growing business and a change in their management which can be an opportunity to secure a new customer. 

Case study 2 – ALERT: New business opportunity!

 Coffee Bar announced the opening of a new location, and it submitted an application for a liquor license for its current location.

The business offers a variety of services including food trucks and delivery now also adding a franchise option, showing signs of expansion.

The new location, applying for a liquor license, and adding a franchise option, indicate the business is growing and has changing needs for insurance, an opportunity to go after a growing new account. 

Use Tarci so your team works smarter not harder

Tarci provides qualified SMB new coverage opportunities by using a system of “tags” and “triggers” to regularly monitor SMBs to provide customers dynamic SMB data that is:

  • Up-to-date, actionable true data; and
  • Track significant changes and events in a business lifecycle. 

What are “Tags” ?

Tags are labeled data for easy segmentation of target market using industry-specific tags, ranging from broad segmentation to very narrow parameters, depending on your specific campaign or business needs. 

What are triggers? 

Triggers are an early warning signal for events and changes happening in real time, which are indicative of a need for your services or products. Having a knowledge of triggers in your target market gives you a first-mover advantage in allocating marketing and sales efforts.

Get insights into trigger events that signal new coverage needs for small and mid-sized businesses. Offer your solution before the competition does!

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