Tarci for Telecom

A suite of data modules designed for telecom companies.

Empower your organization with predictive external SMB and Mid-Market actionable data.

Signals That Help Understand SMBs

Tarci provides actionable, signal data to enterprises selling to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our continuous intelligence engine monitors over 40 million SMBs and identifies early indications of growth, decline, and specific product needs.

Our advanced new suite of SMB data modules, Tarci for Telecom services, is designed to inform sales, marketing, and retention strategies for a variety of telecom services.

Tarci Telecom modules that fit your needs

Broadband solutions

Growing SMBs that need highly reliable internet

Sample Profile
A consulting business that offers remote working

Sample Profile
A health care clinic opening a new location

Mobile service plans

Growing SMBs that could benefit from a mobile plan

Sample Profile
A construction business with crews at multiple job sites

Sample Profile
A delivery service that has hired new drivers

International calling plans

Growing SMBs with new or increased business outside of their domestic market that may have new international calling needs

Sample Profile
A manufacturer with a new offshore facility

Sample Profile
A consulting business that is accepting multiple currencies

Fleet management solutions

SMBs with commercial vehicle operations that could benefit from fleet-related management solutions

Sample Profile
A logistics business offering same-day deliveries that has its own fleet of delivery trucks

Sample Profile
A manufacturer with salespeople who drive company cars

Workforce collaboration solutions

Growing SMBs with remote workforces or multiple locations that would benefit from messaging apps, video conferencing tools, file-sharing platforms, and other collaborative tools

Sample Profile
A healthcare provider that has started offering telemedicine services

Sample Profile
A growing law firm that needs secure messaging and document management software

Firmographic module

This unique enrichment module, enriches your existing records with relevant, up-to-date company details
Tarci ID Company name Company name - legal Company number Company website Incorporation date Industry Sub-industry NAICS or SIC code Company address Additional company addresses Social media pages Revenue Revenue currency Number of employees Company email Company phone number Additional company emails Additional company phone numbers

Choose your solution

SMB signals that drive decisions

Tarci for
Sales & Marketing

Create and power an efficient sales and marketing machine to SMBs using Tarci’s intent signals and engagement tools.

Tarci for
Customer Loyalty

Manage the customer lifecycle with real-time insight signals about changes and new needs.

Tarci for
Risk and Underwriting

Power your risk, credit and insurance underwriting with fresh insights signals.

Easily integrate into your existing systems and processes

Tarci enrichment API developers portal is available here: developers.tarci.io/docs/

Receive a batch file and recurring updates of the data in a batch file. No integration required.
Native Salesforce integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Native HubSpot integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Tarci is a native cloud solution. Consume the data directly from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Integrate to make the most of our dynamic data

How we are different

Full coverage of SMBs with revenue of $0-50M
High resolution tagging with specific data points for Telecom services
Signals on every single business identifying material changes

Built for enterprises

Tarci delivers highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable data at the highest standards.
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