Dynamic data, the Tarci advantage

Painting the full picture of each SMB

Tarci delivers the world’s most dynamic and granular insights about Small and Mid-sized businesses.

Exceptional SMB Insights that drive Extraordinary Results

Tarci’s Continuous Intelligence Engine connects multiple external and proprietary data points, combines it with SMB specific context to create insights for marketing, sales, customer service and risk management
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How we turn petabytes of data into actionable insights

Growing SMBs example: How do you know when a restaurant is about to open a location? They spread breadcrumbs
Publish they are hiring new employees on board listings
Request a liquor license
Apply for to the food health and safety authority for a license for the new location
Publish a "Coming Soon" on their website or social media

Tarci takes these breadcrumbs and turns them into actionable signals

Easily integrate into your existing systems and processes

Tarci enrichment API developers portal is available here: developers.tarci.io/docs/

Receive a batch file and recurring updates of the data in a batch file. No integration required.
Native Salesforce integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Native HubSpot integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Tarci is a native cloud solution. Consume the data directly from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

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