SMB risk does not happen once a year. Your data should mirror that

Continuous stream of signals indicating a risk profile change in your small business customers.

Declining Signals

Spot early signals risk changes in customers with real-time external data.
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Reduce losses

Identify early signals indicating decline in revenue and business activity.

Reduce manual underwriting time

Use material risk change signals to only zoom in on the companies that really require a closer inspection, automating everything else.

Tarci for Insurance Underwriting

Optimize underwriting time by shining a spotlight on renewing SMBs with material risk changes in the past year. Most small businesses make changes in their business without truly understanding how these changes impact their coverage.

From a toy store starting to sell fireworks to a 9 to 5 convenience store moving to operate 24/7, you can now be alerted of these changes via simple API connectivity.

With Tarci Continuous Intelligence, you can now access a direct feed year-round or at the point of renewal about every change that happens to your customers. Price the renewal policy correctly and avoid premium leakage.

Don’t settle for static data. Dynamic data generated from early signals across multiple sources helps you manage risk across your customer base – all backed by the Tarci Data Engine.

Tarci for Credit Risk Monitoring

Tired of knowing you will not be paid back only when small business files for liquidation? With the Tarci Risk Alert solution based on our Continuous Intelligence Engine, you can now immediately identify major risk changes happening to your existing SMB customers and take mitigating actions.

From a reduction in a significant number of employees to a reduction in customer reviews, you can now be alerted of these changes via simple API connectivity.

Don’t settle for static data. Dynamic data generated from early signals across multiple sources to manage risk – all backed by the Tarci Data Engine.

Get the Data you need with an easy API integration

Enrichment API

Take your current information about a small or mid-sized business and add significant data based on real-time signals with Tarci Enrichment API.

The Enrichment API strengthens an SMB’s profile with Tarci’s dynamic data by matching the business using its unique identifiable information against the millions of SMB profiles in our database. Once matched, the API will return the business profile updated with the fields defined for your use case.

Easily integrate into your existing systems

How we are different

Full coverage of SMBs with revenue of $0-50M
High-resolution tagging with specific data points for credit risk and P&C insurance risk
Signals on every single business identifying early declines and material changes

Built for enterprises

Tarci delivers highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable data at the highest standards.
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Grow your sales and marketing opportunities

With real time small and mid-sized businesses actionable insights.

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Capture the SMB market

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“By being able to create more relevant lists and then adjust to the results on a weekly basis, our sales and marketing teams can focus on things that are more likely to give us a good return on investment. From that angle, Tarci really is our secret sauce.”
Sigurjón Ernir Kárason​
Product Strategy Manager​