Tarci Introduces a New SMB Data Solution for Foodservice

Tarci, a continuous intelligence platform that generates dynamic SMB data, is pleased to announce the launch of the Tarci for Foodservice data suite. This advanced new series of dynamic data modules is designed to inform sales, marketing, risk, and retention strategies for enterprises in the Foodservice industry that service small and mid-sized businesses.

By combining accurate, up-to-date SMB profiles with data-derived insights specific to the Foodservice industry, Tarci helps food and beverage manufacturers and distributors identify opportunities and risks in real time for both prospective and current clients.

“With the launch of Tarci for Foodservice, we address the churn challenges in the Foodservice industry,” says Leetal Gruper, Tarci Co-Founder and CEO. “Our real-time insights and dynamic data modules empower businesses to adapt, thrive, and build lasting client relationships with the right SMBs, offering stability and growth in an industry where change is constant.”

The following data modules are currently available within the Tarci for Foodservice suite:

Restaurant with Emerging Needs
New and growing SMBs that prepare foods for immediate consumption

Licensed Establishments
New and growing SMBs that offer alcohol for consumption on premise

Food & Beverage Retailers
New and growing grocery, specialty food, and convenience retailers

Foodservice Risk Management
Make more informed credit term decisions by enriching existing SMB profiles with indications of business stability, growth, or decline

SMBs with Refreshment Needs
Growing SMBs with 50 or more on-site employees that may be looking to enhance their workplace experience by offering refreshment perks 

True data to drive strategic action

Tarci’s continuous intelligence engine draws from a wide range of external data sources to create dynamic SMB profiles that are refreshed weekly.

Tarci monitors those profiles not only for change but also for any correlating trends that follow.

This unique new approach to parsing and interpreting SMB data accurately reflects the dynamic nature of the activity in the marketplace, and lets Tarci’s clients act on changes in real-time.

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About Tarci

Founded by Leetal Gruper and Sergey Bahchissaraitsev, Tarci’s continuous intelligence engine regularly collects, analyzes, and translates billions of signals from diversified sources, turning big data into actionable insights. The company’s dynamic data already drives the increased efficiency and productivity of customer-facing teams at Fortune 200 companies, including leading financial institutions, insurance companies, and enterprises that sell to small and mid-size businesses. Tarci is backed by Sound Ventures, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and strategic investors. Visit www.tarci.io for more.

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