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Leadgence is now Tarci – press release

TEL AVIV, Israel, August 30, 2022 (Newswire.com) 

Leadgence, a fast-growing platform for dynamic and targeted SMB data, has announced it is rebranding to Tarci.

“We are excited to announce our new brand and with it, a new chapter for our business,” said Leetal Gruper, Co-Founder and CEO at Tarci. “Our new name, Tarci, is inspired by the nocturnal tarsier. Like this agile primate, we give our clients the superpower to see in the dark when others can’t.”

“Accurate, actionable data about small and mid-sized businesses is notoriously hard to acquire due to its scattered nature and the sheer volume of SMBs… unless you’re a Tarci client, that is,” continued Gruper. “Our proprietary Continuous Intelligence Engine brings clarity to the ever-changing SMB landscape, giving our clients a significant competitive advantage.”

Sharon Gelbaum-Shpan, CMO at Tarci, expanded upon the new name. “We felt that competitive advantage, that superpower of seeing SMBs clearly and in their entirety, had to be reflected in our rebranding. That’s when we realized Tarci was the perfect choice. Continuous intelligence in combination with a Yoda-like mammal who can not only see in the dark, but also 360° around them… a new brand was born.”

Gruper added, “As we grow and expand our product offering, we will continue to bring our innovative approach to dynamic SMB data so that our clients’ businesses, and the businesses they serve, will thrive. We look forward to all that the future holds!”

To find out if Tarci might be right for your business head to tarci.io or email: [email protected] 


About Tarci:

Founded by Leetal Gruper and Sergey Bahchissaraitsev, Tarci’s continuous intelligence engine regularly collects, analyzes, and translates billions of signals from diversified sources, turning big data into actionable insights. The company’s dynamic data already drives the increased efficiency and productivity of customer-facing teams at Fortune 200 companies, including leading financial institutions, insurance companies, and enterprises that sell to small and mid-size businesses. Tarci is backed by Sound Ventures, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and strategic investors. Visit tarci.io for more. 



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