Know your SMBs: Foreign exchange services

What could you do with accurate, targeted data to identify growing SMBs with increased foreign exchange exposure?

Providing global payment solutions, multi-currency accounts, treasury and hedging services, and merchant services to small and mid-sized businesses can be challenging. Scattered information and constantly evolving SMBs make it difficult to access:

  • Accurate, up-to-date data
  • An understanding of which SMBs have developing foreign exchange needs

Increased efficiency and better results through data

Tarci’s new data module, Foreign exchange services, helps financial service providers identify SMBs that have growing international transactions and increased foreign exchange exposure.

Our continuous intelligence engine monitors the profiles of millions of SMBs to create accurate, up-to-date records and to account for change. This module returns profiles that are likely to have FX needs based on new catalysts and life cycle events.

For example, consider these businesses that could be included as module results:

Profile returned
Developing need
A wholesaler that is accepting new currency and shipping internationally
This business may benefit from a payment provider that offers better exchange rates
A parent company that sets up a subsidiary in another country to manufacture equipment
This business may benefit from holding funds in a foreign currency account to cover payroll
An expanding automotive repair network that sources parts globally
This business may benefit from hedging services to cover a large contract with a foreign supplier

By offering solutions to mitigate foreign exchange exposure risk for growing SMBs, you have the opportunity to become a trusted advisor, and to prove the value you can bring as they continue to grow.

Now, imagine getting SMB profiles with that level of information on a larger scale, on a regular basis. Think of how that could impact your strategy, your allocation of resources, and your profitability within the SMB market.

That’s what the Foreign Exchange Services module can do for you.

Foreign exchange services is one of many modules included in a complete data solution designed for financial service providers: Tarci for Financial Services. To learn more about the entire module suite, click here.

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