Know your SMBs: Business term loans

A new data module from Tarci that helps loan providers discover growing SMBs that need capital.

Small and mid-sized businesses can often benefit from term debt financing, whether it’s for financing new assets, purchasing or renovating property, or other business growth needs.

Savvy loan providers want to contribute to the profitable growth of the right SMBs, but it can be challenging to identify and reach businesses who are worth the risk.

Tarci’s new data module, Business term loans, helps loan providers discover growing SMBs that need capital.

Data that helps SMBs, and the enterprises that serve them, thrive

Our continuous intelligence engine monitors the profiles of millions of SMBs to create accurate, up-to-date records and account for change. This module returns profiles of growing businesses that could benefit from term loans based on new catalysts and life cycle events.

For example, consider these businesses that could be included as module results:

Profile returned
Developing need

A restaurant opening a new location

This business may benefit from loan financing for new kitchen equipment

A healthcare center with expanding services

This business may be interested in funding for an equipment loan program

A landscaping business extending its service area and hiring more staff

This business may benefit from financing to expand its fleet

By helping growing SMBs to achieve their goals, you have the opportunity to become a trusted advisor, and to continue to participate in their success as they continue to grow.

Now, imagine getting SMB profiles with that level of information on a larger scale, on a regular basis. In such a massive, turbulent market, you would have the ability to focus your efforts on SMBs that are on a growth trajectory. 

Think of how that could impact your strategy, your allocation of resources, and your profitability within the SMB market.

That’s what the Business term loans module can do for you.

Business term loans is one of many modules included in a complete data solution designed for financial service providers: Tarci for Financial Services. To learn more about the entire module suite, click here.

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