How To Leverage High-Probability SMB Growth Signals Before Your Competitors Do

How To Leverage High-Probability SMB Growth Signals Before Your Competitors Do

SMBs opening new locations signal growth trajectories - if you act fast. Tap into data, pinpointing 26,807 US & 5,389 UK businesses launching sites monthly in 2023.

What if you knew when a small and medium-sized business opened a new location?

For those who sell or service SMBs, these expansion events can become gold nugget opportunities to establish initial vendor relationships that can scale over time.

Tarci’s advanced data insights found that in the US, over 26,000 SMBs opened a new physical location every month, and over 5,000 in the UK. Therefore, in addition to pursuing old leads, you can prioritize these timely growth signals to provide targeted solutions when they’re needed. Most SMBs will have to push themselves to meet ongoing operational requirements.

This article will show you how to leverage real-time signals and nuanced data about SMBs that are expanding or growing before your competitors. This can help you improve your sales funnel and create better products and services that your SMB customers and prospects need.

True SMB Growth is Rare but Highly Valuable

While most SMBs stay small, breakout expansions do occur. Historically, identifying emerging high-growth SMBs has relied solely on surface-level indicators. Going deeper, advanced analytics applied to multiple intel dimensions can spot SMBs that are entering crucial expansion phases and are ready for long-term success.


New Physical Business Locations Rank Among The Rarest And Most Valuable Growth Signals

On average, in 2023, over 26K SMBs open new locations every month in the United States. 5K UK SMBs initiate multi-site expansions monthly, too.

What would those new locations need?

They will require immediate operational changes and vendor support for those additional physical locations. These needs represent premium opportunities to provide solutions that facilitate the SMBs’ growth.


Prioritizing Companies Actively Expanding Reaches More Receptive Audiences

Transition periods like opening new business sites make organizations far more open to outreach from potential providers. Those who sell to SMBs know that cold contacts to established SMBs often get ignored. However, approaching those in expansion mode who soon will be actively evaluating providers would yield much better results.

Acting on timely alerts of SMBs opening a new business and demonstrating you understand the client’s growth goals earns trust and credibility.

Prioritizing those signals, you can easily turn cold outreach into warm conversations that will lead to sales.


Leverage Multi-Factor Signals Pinpointing Top Growth Prospects

Traditionally, identifying SMB growth relied exclusively on narrow firmographic indicators: number of employees, revenue, years in business, etc. These merely verify existing size at a point in time.

Alternative real-time signals such as new license applications, hiring announcements, traffic surges, and more, provide forward-looking assessments.

Some alternative signals that indicate more nuanced growth include:

  • Hiring Announcements

An increase in the hiring rate of SMBs usually suggests that they are growing and transitioning to the next level. Also, the type of people or roles SMBs hire shows the areas in which they need more support.

  • Web Traffic Support

Most SMBs drive awareness and interest before purchases happen. So, when website visits jump, it likely means outreach is working, and sales will follow. Rising web traffic provides confirmation growth is kicking in. Website traffic upswings, especially alongside new digital campaigns, reveal SMBs connecting with audiences.

  • Applying For New Licences

When a business applies for new licenses such as a liquor license or a tanning license, it usually indicates that the business is preparing for growth. For instance, a restaurant chain that submits liquor license applications may be planning to expand its locations and offer alcohol sales at those locations. By using this alternative signal of liquor license applications, you can get ahead of your competitors who may be waiting for official announcements on new restaurant locations.

Capitalize on Growth Signals With Tailored Solutions

We’ve covered signals that detect emerging high-growth SMBs before your competitors. Now let’s discuss how you can act on these alerts. The key is responding rapidly with offers aligned to their expansion goals.

Step 1: Identify The Main Operational Challenge

Every business sector has core needs around:

  • Managing workflows
  • Tracking data
  • Engaging customers
  • Managing employees
  • Controlling finances and insurance

When SMBs expand, identify where your solution fits.

Step 2: Personalize Messaging to Their Industry

Context resonates. Using the relevant language for their vertical demonstrates familiarity. Understand key terms and topics in their domain when explaining benefits, risks, and options.

For example, if an e-commerce retailer opens a second warehouse, suggest solutions like inventory management, picking software, cross-docking automation, and cargo load optimization to optimize item allocation and support multichannel commerce. Position your platform as the connective tissue facilitating unified commerce.

Step 3: Highlight Your Solution’s Scalability

Growing SMBs prioritize building capacity to support rising demand long-term. Emphasize how your platform seamlessly handles multiplying volumes without degrading performance or raising costs.

Step 4: Appeal to Changing Requirements

Evolving from one location to two or from 3 to 6 means shifting software needs. Show how advanced yet easy-to-use features address outgrowing basic tools. Align to their growth roadmap.

Step 5: Monitor for High Satisfaction Post-Sale

Make sure to check in with them regularly to see how they’re doing and how your product or service has impacted their business. Encourage them to leave reviews and share their success stories on different media channels. This will help you establish credibility and attract new customers.

Leverage Tarci Data to Reach Growing SMBs First

When your company knows to prioritize timely SMB growth events like expanding locations, raising capital, and hiring upswings for sales opportunities. The challenge becomes identifying your precise prospects exhibiting these signals to engage before competitors.

It can be overwhelming to manually monitor thousands of SMBs. But with Tarci’s data intelligence platform, you can easily identify your ICP SMBs that are experiencing growth events in your vertical. Our platform uses machine learning to uncover real-time signals that go beyond common measurements.

We identify growth trajectories using granular events such as new funding rounds, website traffic spikes, and much more in addition to traditional firmographic metrics. Our platforms also give you the capability to filter to niche segments based on:

  • Location
  • Sector
  • Size metrics

You will then receive customized alerts on your highest potential targets, showing tangible signals like opening new offices, hiring rapidly, or raising sizable venture funding within days of developments occurring. This early visibility enables you to capitalize on opportunities and be the first to respond with offers that align with the SMB’s growth needs. Schedule a demo with our data expert to see how our real-time intelligence platform can benefit your sales outreach to SMBs.

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