Win SMB accounts with Dynamic Data

Selling to SMBs using dynamic data can mean the difference between success and failure.

Selling to SMBs using dynamic data can mean the difference between success and failure.

Have you heard the usual bickering between marketing, sales, and management in the office? 

  • “We’re not speaking to leads when they’re ready to buy.”
  • “Why did you send me this lead? It’s gaming instead of eCommerce!”
  • “Why is our conversion rate so low?” a manager would ask.

These are all symptoms of a big problem – the DATA PROBLEM.

That is why dynamic data is key to providing sales, marketing, and customer success teams the insights they need to grow revenues by focusing on the right opportunities at the right time.

The benefits of using dynamic data Vs. well… data

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) make about 90% of businesses and employ more than 50% of the workforce. That’s a huge market with A LOT of data scattered across multiple sources, which makes it more difficult to find the valuable data.

Simply put: to turn big data into actionable data you need to turn it into dynamic data.

Today, there are two primary ways  to get information about SMB companies:

1. Buy leads from a B2B list vendor – If you are already using an SMB database, you probably experienced its shortcomings.

Most of the databases are static and outdated, or worse – already processed by your competitors.

And even more frustrating – it is most likely missing the pieces of data, or smart data, you actually need, like:

  • what is the business’ current status – open or closed? 
  • Is it showing signs of growth? 
  • Is it gearing up for international expansion? 
  • Who is the main stakeholder and what is their contact info? 

2. Work manually – If you tried to research each prospective customer by yourself, you know how much time and work it takes.

It includes analyzing a business website manually, investigating their social media, google results, etc. 

You probably realized that despite all the available static data, finding SMB prospects that match your ideal customer profile (ICP) is complicated. 

Even more so, identifying the right time when they need your services.

Instead, harness the power of intelligent data with Tarci. 

Tarci takes the pulse of SMBs worldwide; providing smart, actionable SMB data to financial services and insurance companies powered by industry-specific triggers and tags:

  • Triggers – compelling reasons to reach out powered by change and event-based triggers.
  • Tags – smart data using industry specific tags designed for financial services and insurance companies

Use dynamic data to know who to prospect, when, and why

For sales, time is of the essence. 

It’s even more so when dealing with the volatile, rapidly changing, small-medium business market.

With Tarci, sales get weekly real-time event-based notifications about businesses that match their preset tags (search criteria or ICP), like:

  • Early signs of international expansion.
  • Growth in hiring.
  • New location ”coming soon”.
  • Service provider contract up for renewal.
  • Business applying for a license or permit

When one of our customers, a financial services company, reached out via email to a list of SMBs created using our triggers and tags, they saw incredible results:

  • 51% open rate
  • 12% CTR
  • 4.6% positive response rate

When they tried by phone, they saw a 9% positive response conversion (compared with 1.5% cold data benchmark).

Discover and fine-tune target segments for better ABM marketing campaigns

However, “Everyone is NOT your customer,” said Seth Godin.

With Tarci, teams marketing to SMBs can now go beyond traditional category data and run smart, targeted campaigns at the right time to the right targets.

Marketers working in the financial services market use industry-specific granular tags and triggers applied to high-resolution data collected from multiple sources generating segmented and actionable target lists, including:

  • Existing payment provider
  • Shopping cart used
  • Multi/single outlet
  • eCommerce with physical location
  • Ecommerce domains

Be proactive with your existing customers using dynamic data

Customer Success teams are always on the lookout for customers at risk of churn or upsell opportunities.
However, relying on your customer data is like viewing a static picture from a movie or a TV show.
Not only are you missing out on what’s happening now, but you also don’t even know how it ends.

With Tarci, growth teams enrich existing databases with external data and get regular alerts about need-to-know change events, including:

  • Change in decision maker/key management
  • Adding currency/international shipping option
  • Change in industry rating or review scoring
  • Application to a governmental or regulatory body

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