Tarci for Financial Services

A suite of data modules designed for financial service providers

Empower your organization with predictive external Small and Mid-Market actionable data. We provide you with segmented modules. Each data module contains a combination of company attributes and change signals that have shown strong correlations to the module purpose.

Signals That Help Understand SMBs

Tarci provides actionable, signal data to enterprises selling to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our continuous intelligence engine monitors over 40 million SMBs and identifies early indications of growth, decline and specific product needs.

Our advanced new suite of SMB data modules, Tarci for Financial Services, is designed to inform sales, marketing, risk, and retention strategies for a variety of financial services.

Financial service modules that fit your business

Checking and savings - established SMBs

Growing SMBs that may need additional banking flexibility and capability to support their day-to-day operations

Sample Profile
A new subsidiary that will require a separate business checking account from its parent company

Sample Profile
A growing retailer that could use a high interest account to save tax installments

Business lines of credit

Growing SMBs that could benefit from an uninterrupted cash flow to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly

Sample Profile
A retailer that wants to bring in additional inventory for an upcoming holiday season

Sample Profile
A manufacturer that needs to pay new employees while they are in training

Business term loans

Growing SMBs that could benefit from new capital – whether it’s for financing new assets, purchasing or renovating property, or other business growth needs

Sample Profile
A restaurant opening a new location that needs new kitchen equipment

Sample Profile
A healthcare center with expanding services that wants to fund an equipment loan program

Merchant services

SMBs with changing payment needs and/or one or more identified payment providers

Sample Profile
A bike shop with multiple locations that could use an ecommerce solution that syncs inventory

Sample Profile
A veterinarian practice that could benefit from the ability to take mobile payments

Foreign exchange services

SMBs with new or increased business outside of their domestic market

Sample Profile
A wholesaler that is accepting new currency and shipping internationally

Sample Profile
An expanding automotive repair network that sources parts globally

Credit cards - new businesses

New or growing businesses that need to better manage spending

Sample Profile
A new business that will attend trade shows

Sample Profile
A SaaS provider that is hiring remote sales teams

Mass payments (A/R)

SMBs with growing transaction volumes that could benefit from a more effective accounts receivable solution

Sample Profile
A consulting business that needs to manage accounts receivable for a growing client base

Sample Profile
A trade business that needs to be able to invoice clients in stages

A/P automation

SMBs with multiple vendors that could benefit from an automated accounts payable solution

Sample Profile
An ecommerce business that pays affiliates in multiple countries to promote its products

Sample Profile
A manufacturer with a growing product line and an increasing number of parts suppliers

Travel rewards

SMBs with expanding domestic or international operations that may benefit from travel rewards cards or loyalty programs

Sample Profile
A retailer that is opening locations in new states

Sample Profile
A wholesaler that purchases goods in foreign countries

Risk management

Enrich existing SMB profiles with indications of business stability, growth, or decline. Make more informed lending decisions with insights into their day-to-day operations

Sample Profile
A restaurant that has just added takeout services and delivery partners

Sample Profile
An online retailer with significant decreases in web traffic over the past year

Change in decision maker

SMBs that have recently had a change in one or more leadership roles

Sample Profile
A skin care clinic with a new owner

Sample Profile
A manufacturer with a new CFO

Choose your solution

Use the financial services module suite to power your sales, marketing, relationship and credit risk.

Tarci for
Sales & Marketing

Create and power an efficient sales and marketing machine to SMBs using Tarci’s intent signals and engagement tools.

Tarci for
Customer Loyalty

Manage the customer lifecycle with real-time insight signals about changes and new needs.

Tarci for
Risk and Underwriting

Power your risk, credit and insurance underwriting with fresh insights signals.

Easily integrate into your existing systems and processes

Tarci enrichment API developers portal is available here: developers.tarci.io/docs/

Receive a batch file and recurring updates of the data in a batch file. No integration required.
Native Salesforce integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Native HubSpot integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Tarci is a native cloud solution. Consume the data directly from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Integrate to make the most of our dynamic data

How we are different

Full coverage of SMBs with revenue of $0-50M
High resolution tagging with specific data points for Financial Services
Signals on every single business identifying growth, decline, and material changes

Built for enterprises

Tarci delivers highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable data at the highest standards.
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