Grow your customer loyalty

Reach out to your customers with accurate offers to fit their current needs, raise your Net Promoters Score and improve retention.

Get accurate, timely signals when your existing customers' needs change

Grow Revenue

Proactively reach out with a solution to an emerging challenge before they start shopping around

Improve Net Promoter Score

Become a strategic partner who understands their business and can anticipate their needs

Reduce Churn

Proactively reach out with a solution to an emerging challenge before they start shopping around

Tarci for Loyalty Marketing

Tarci data provides you with a 360º external view of your customers. Every single week. With this new capability, you can now efficiently:

  • Design market segments for specific offerings.
  • Develop segment-specific campaigns driving upsell.
  • Improve customer loyalty and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Tarci for Relationship Managers and Customer Success Managers

With Tarci data, you can contact prospects when they have a need and before they enter the traditional buying window. This puts you well in advance of your competition and increases conversion by as much as 40%.

  • Save time by focusing your efforts, and identifying the growing and expanding accounts.
  • Quickly identify customers at risk of churn and proactively retain them.
  • You’ll also build trust, approaching your clients with a solid understanding of their needs.

A proactive approach is needed to win SMBs in a cost-effective way

Initial needs triggers

Regulatory license / Permit holder
Local expansion

Indications of growing needs

Accepting new currencies
Growth in hiring
Web traffic growth

Highly competitive race to the prospect

Buying window


Taking a
business loan

Create an automated hyper-personalized surround experience

Build campaigns
based on real-time insights

Clients reaching out via email saw

0 %
click through
0 %
positive response rate
0 %

Clients reaching out via phone saw

positive response conversations
0 %
(vs. 1.5% cold data benchmark)

Launch targeted display and social advertising campaigns to your existing customers for an easier up-sale and cross-sale.


Get the information you need to write or call your existing customers with the right offer at the right time.

Get the Data you need with an easy API integration

Enrichment API

Take your current information about a small or mid-sized business and add significant data based on real-time signals with Tarci Enrichment API.

The Enrichment API strengthens an SMB’s profile with Tarci’s dynamic data by matching the business using its unique identifiable information against the millions of SMB profiles in our database. Once matched, the API will return the business profile updated with the fields defined for your use case.

Easily integrate into your existing systems

How we are different

Full coverage of SMBs with revenue of $0-50M
High-resolution tagging
Signals on every single business, identifying upsell opportunities and potential churn

Built for enterprises

Tarci delivers highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable data at the highest standards.
ISO 27001 certified badge
GDPR compliant badge
CCPA compliant badge

Grow your customer loyalty

With real-time small and mid-sized businesses actionable insights.

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