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3 key elements of an effective SMB outbound strategy

Timing is everything for growing SMB sales. With dynamic data identifying your ideal customers and their trigger events, you can reach out to the right person at the right business just before they realize they need your offering. Get to them before they start shopping around!

How to stand out when selling to SMBs

It’s hard to stand out in a crowded, hypercompetitive market… but you can do it. By using a needs-based marketing strategy and the power of dynamic data to differentiate yourself, you can gain a significant edge over your competitors.

SMB Needs-Based Targeting Hits the Spot!

Learn why leading financial services and insurance companies are moving on from “interest” and “intent” and how they are gaining a competitive advantage through the use of dynamic SMB data and needs-based marketing.

Stop Selling Meat to Vegetarians: How to Boost Sales & Upsell with Continuous Intelligence

Imagine this: you’re a butcher shop and in an effort to increase sales, you send fliers to every home in the neighborhood. Seems like a smart idea, right? Send out a local promotion and increase sales, easy as that. Well, what if 20% of the neighborhood is vegetarian and 10% are vegan? Then at least 30% of your expected sales are never going to realize.

Why zooming in on high-growth SMBs is a make or break for payment companies

Identifying Ideal SMB Targets is Tricky Use Data to Work Smarter, not Harder Tarci leverages smart data using a system of ‘tags’ and ‘triggers’ to regularly monitor small and mid-size businesses and compile relevant data with a focus on significant changes and events  in a company’s lifecycle, such as applying for a business license or …

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