Unlocking revenue in the SMB payments market

If you’re an SMB payment provider, you already know how competitive the market can be. You may also find it hard to get enough information to accurately gauge a prospect’s LTV potential. But what if you had a way to find growing businesses that not only match your ICP, but that also convert quickly – without getting into a bidding war?

3 key elements of an effective SMB outbound strategy

Timing is everything for growing SMB sales. With dynamic data identifying your ideal customers and their trigger events, you can reach out to the right person at the right business just before they realize they need your offering. Get to them before they start shopping around!

How Continuous Intelligence Makes Superstars out of Marketers

Using Continuous Intelligence for creating and launching segmented marketing campaigns is the difference between success and failure especially when targeting small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the mile-a-minute financial services sector. The reason is that by using Continuous Intelligence (CI), marketing teams can generate marketing-qualified leads based on real-time change and event-based smart data, in …

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Capture the SMB market

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“By being able to create more relevant lists and then adjust to the results on a weekly basis, our sales and marketing teams can focus on things that are more likely to give us a good return on investment. From that angle, Tarci really is our secret sauce.”
Sigurjón Ernir Kárason​
Product Strategy Manager​