Taking the pulse of small and mid-sized businesses

Empower your organization with predictive external Small and Mid-Market data.

A suite of modules fit for any vertical

New corporations

Newly incorporated businesses that would value support with core business needs

Sample Profile
A new retailer that needs a POS solution

Sample Profile
A new consulting firm that needs mobile phone plans

Business growth

SMBs with one or more significant growth signals, such as the addition of staff, products or services, processes, certifications, or an expanded physical or online presence

Sample Profile
An ecommerce business that just opened its first physical location

Sample Profile
A restaurant that has started working with multiple food delivery providers

Business decline

SMBs that have at least one recent indicator of business decline, such as the removal of services, processes, or certifications, or a shrinking physical or online presence

Sample Profile
A manufacturer that has announced a temporary facility closure

Sample Profile
A farming business that has stopped offering farmshare subscriptions

Change in decision maker

SMBs that have recently had a change in one or more leadership roles

Sample Profile
A skin care clinic with a new owner

Sample Profile
A manufacturer with a new CFO

Recession-proof businesses

Stable SMBs with projected strong lifetime value (LTV)

Sample Profile
A retailer that wants to bring in additional inventory for an upcoming holiday season

Sample Profile
A manufacturer that needs to pay new employees while they are in training

International SMBs

SMBs with new or increased business outside of their domestic market

Sample Profile
An online retailer that now offers global shipping

Sample Profile
A manufacturer that is hiring in multiple countries

How do Tarci Modules work?

Each data module contains a combination of company attributes (tags) and change signals that have shown strong correlations to the module purpose.

These strong correlations have both been vetted by Tarci as well as data teams in Fortune 100 companies.
Each module can be segmented by:

  • Geographical location
  • One or more industries
  • Business size

You can use Tarci modules to

✔︎ Improve your email marketing
✔︎ Focus your outbound calling
✔︎ Create ads
✔︎ Assess your risk
✔︎ Analyze your data
✔︎ Reduce churn
✔︎ Improve customer relationship
✔︎ Retain customers
✔︎ Grow your revenue
✔︎ And more

The signals are out there - you just need to look for them

Growing SMBs example: How do you know when a restaurant is about to open a location? They spread breadcrumbs
Publish they are hiring new employees on board listings
Request a liquor license
Apply for to the food health and safety authority for a license for the new location
Publish a "Coming Soon" on their website or social media

Tarci takes these breadcrumbs and turns them into actionable signals

Choose your solution

SMB signals data that drive decisions

Tarci for
Sales & Marketing

Create and power an efficient sales and marketing machine to SMBs using Tarci’s intent signals and engagement tools.

Tarci for
Customer Loyalty

Manage the customer lifecycle with real-time insight signals about changes and new needs.

Tarci for
Risk and Underwriting

Power your risk, credit, and insurance underwriting with fresh insights signals.

Easily integrate into your existing systems and processes

Tarci enrichment API developers portal is available here: developers.tarci.io/docs/

Receive a batch file and recurring updates of the data in a batch file. No integration required.
Native Salesforce integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Native HubSpot integration with 3 simple steps, taking 2 minutes to implement.
Tarci is a native cloud solution. Consume the data directly from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

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Tarci delivers highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable data at the highest standards.
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